What our customers are saying.



"This is the best soap I've used (Yentiyah's Naturals Oatmeal Soap). Smells good and lather up great! Made my skin feel smooth and soft.  Guaranteed to enjoy!" ~ Shaun P.

"I fell in love as soon as I opened the box! Sweet scents of baked goods and paradise. I knew the products were natural and homemade, but I was amazed with the amount of healthy and healing ingredients used to concoct such a deliciousness. The soaps cleanse unlike any loofah I've ever used. My faves include DETOX SOAP & COCONUT LIME. The body scrubs-exfoliant and moisturizer in one! I'm hooked on the brown sugar that leaves my skin so supple . You have a customer for life I could go on and on." - Melinda 

"My favorite product is the almond body butter. It makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated I recommend anyone with dry skin or just need moisture to try it and it smells sooooo good!!!" -Natalie 

 "All I can say is I loved the bath bomb! It smelled so good, but most importantly it left my skin feeling amazing and soft. I've tried other bath bombs like the one you get from the mall or Walmart, but neither compared to these bath bombs " -Anna 

" 5 stars for me I really like the soap I even used it on my kids I plan on buying more!" - Anissa 

"I purchased 6 bars of the mango butter bars, primarily for my son, since he has eczema. The smell of the bars were really nice, and my son seemed to have liked using them as well. I will making another purchase in the near future. Thanks so much for such a beneficial product to help with my son's existing medical condition. Job well done!"